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Aleksandar Rados | 2013 @ All rights reserved.

Alexandar Rados was born in 1960. years. in Belgrade.
Yellow is a nice colour. Dark blue is the right addition.

In his hometown he finished elementary and high school and then college.
I passed, and certainly more going through. I stop the breath,
collecting power of the breath and ... I continue to pass.

He lives in Belgrade with love, to the family, photography, music and the written word.
Water. Clear, fast, cold.
Hiding between two pebble-waiting in silence.
Time was, not only on my side ...

Working in the Archives of Serbia as the head of the Centre for microfilming.
Stumble over to the east and west. I am clumsy. Am I...?

He participated in several group exhibitions and so far 28 solo exhibitions.
He is a member ULUPUDS Professional Photographers Association of Yugoslavia,
  and FK'' Art'' Art natura.

I sent it .... where is the grass ... where the wind ...
clean ... crisp yet soft. Clouds ...
oooh, what a wonderful breath of Mother Earth. Noted that resembles life.
My breath ... swept time patiently waiting for me.
The long quiet time ... exhalation.

Guest appearance in the series "ARS PRAKTIKA"

Aleksandar Rados (Belgrade, 1960).
In his hometown finished elementary school and smelly, graduated in Applied Geophysics and Geology. Head of the Center for microfilm in the Archives of Serbia. He has published a number of papers in these areas.
ULUPUS-master photographer since 2000. year.
By over 28 outstanding exhibitions in Serbia, Serbian and abroad. In July 2009, the Belgrade SULUJ, the photo exhibit their stories of Paris, Vienna and Belgrade, and in August, a large exhibition of Italy ...
He has participated in many group exhibitions in Serbia, photos, Serbian, Bulgaria, Germany ...
With a long list of valuable prizes that got mention on this occasion: XVII Yugoslav photography Cup (1998), Award of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Association of Professional Photographers of Yugoslavia (2000),
International exhibition of miniatures (Belgrade, 2002), the annual award ULUPUDS (2005), The XI photography (Belgrade, 2006).
From his writings devoted to photography, let us mention photographic travelogue Belgrade Ivana Groman (A different view of the photographic oeuvre and. Groman), co-author with Ljubodrag Ristic, Institute for Balkan Studies, Belgrade, 2003.
ULUPUS Member, Association of Professional Photographers, Photo-Club "Art Art natura".
He lives in his hometown, "the love of family, photography, music and the written word."
aleksandar rados


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